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We currently offer the following services to counties:

Adult Education
Cooperative Purchasing
Employment Services
Medicaid Reimbursement Services
Professional Development Services
Public Service Training
School Messaging Services
Substitute Calling System

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Paula Hamilton,, (304) 923-0784

Charles Phillips,, (304) 923-0918

404 Old Main Drive, Summersville, WV  26651

(304) 250-1089 fax

Substitute Teacher Training

If you are interested in taking our substitute teacher training class, please contact your county personnel director and ask that your name be submitted to our Chief Adminstrator, Jason Butcher at:

Office:  681-207-7110, EXT 1101

Fax:  681-207-7037

21st CCLC (Century Community Learning Centers)

The Southern Educational Services Cooperative (SESC) is applying for a Nita Lowery 21st Century Community Learning Center grant from the West Virginia Department of Education to establish afterschool programs at Glade Elementary (Webster County); Valley K-8 (Fayette County); Hinton Elementary, Jumping Branch Elementary, Talcott Elementary and Summers County Comprehensive Middle/High School (Summers County). If you would like to provide input into the grant or if you would be willing to provide services to the afterschool program at any of these site(s), please contact Charles Phillips at the SESC by phone at (304) 619-8622 or by e-mail at The completed grant application will be available for public review after June 1, 2023.

SESC Contact:

Charles Phillips,

404 Old Main Drive, Summersville, WV  26651

(304) 923-0918 (office)

(304) 619-8622 (mobile)

(304) 250-1089 (fax)

Virtual School - Proximity Learning

Virtual Learning Parent Guide

WVVHA 23-24 Academic Calendar 8-9-2023


Proximity Learning


Jason Butcher, Chief Administrator, SESC

(681) 207-7110, Ext. 1101

Charles Phillips, Principal, SESC WVVHA

(304) 619-8622

Ken Lester, Client Success & Support, Proximity Learning

(304) 716-6078

214 N. Kanawha Street
Beckley, WV 25801
Phone: (681)-207-7110