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Office Phone 681-207-7110

 Fax 681-207-7037

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Robbie Bailey Public Service Training Coordinator EXT 1104
Jason Butcher Chief Administrator EXT 1101
Judith (Jodi) Buttram WV Work Assessment Specialist EXT 1106
George (Shawn) Cook Adult Ed Coordinator (Spokes) EXT 1117
Kristina (Noel) Goble 21st Century Learning Coordinator EXT 1128
Susan (Susie) Handy WVEIS/Payroll EXT 1110
Louise Miller WV Adult Ed Technology Coordinator EXT 1122
Sheila Radford Public Service Training Specialist EXT 1105
21st Century Learning Assistant EXT 1114
Selina Plumley-Vickers Adolescent Health Coordinator EXT 1120
Debbie Walker WV Works Assessment Secretary EXT 1123
Phillip Jarrell Vendor Setup 304-256-4660
Sandy Moye Cochran Direct Deposit Setup/Voluntary Deductions 304-256-4500 EXT  3313
Christy Turner Insurance Benefits 304-256-4500 EXT  3320

Office Phone  304-923-0784 (Paula) and 304-923-0918 (Charlie)

Fax 304-250-1089

Paula Hamilton Substitute Bus Operator Training and SmartFind Express
Charles Phillips Substitute Bus Operator Training, SmartFind Express, Alternative Certification and 21st CCLC


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Address: 214 N. Kanawha Street Beckley, WV 25801

Phone:  681-207-7110